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"When I first started seeing Dr. Bell for Network Spinal Analysis  I had been diagnosed with over 10 medical conditions, each of which required multiple medications. In about a month of visits twice a week, I was able to make the decision to get off all of the medication, and pursue a natural method of healing. It has been 3 months now and my health has improved dramatically. I have also made connections between my body and my life that I never saw before. Dr. Bell is incredibly kind, compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. I feel this is truly some of the most important work I have ever done, and I would recommend Dr. Bell to anyone."

~ L.R., Writer

This experience has been literally life changing. I initially sought help for back and leg pain as a result of powerlifting. I’d been to a number of chiropractors and while they could temporarily relieve the pain, no one was able to help me “fix” the problem.  Dr. Bell and the NSA work he practices not only immediately gave me relief, but actually fixed the problem. I’d spent close to 6 years in pain, and in a matter of weeks with a few hour long sessions a week I am finally not only free of pain, but have learned how to heal myself.  This experience is unlike any traditional practice I’ve been to. I learned how to listen to my body, free my mind, soul and skeleton of decades worth of pain and trauma I had been storing in my spine. I had no idea, despite years of both physical and mental health therapy that the solution to not only my physical pain, but a lot of emotional pain, was listening to my body and releasing all the stores of trauma from my muscles and spine. This practice is life changing if you allow it to be. I’ve finally found mental, physical and emotional peace. My lifting in the gym and general peace through which I navigate life have improved drastically. I am no longer in pain, have learned how to listen to my body and mind, and finally feel in control of my emotional, physical and spiritual self.If you allow Dr. Bell to show you how, you can achieve freedom from pain, anxiety, tension or whatever ails you.  Again, it’s life changing in ways you won’t ever see coming. I highly recommend.

~Morgan R.

"I originally took my son to see Dr. Bell when he was having difficulty paying attention in school.  I was not interested in putting him on medication, as the school and others suggested, but instead wanted to try his approach.  He helped immensely!   After only one session, his ability to pay attention improved.  After three weeks of treatment, his teacher was so shocked by the improved attention that he took me aside and asked if I had put him on medication.  Needless to say, after seeing such success with my child, I too started seeing Dr. Bell for treatment.  Dr. Bell has an amazing ability to work gently, yet purposefully.   He has been a wonderful influence on our lives!"

~ K.T., Writer

"I was referred to Dr Bell through two different people.  After the second referral I decided to give him a try. I've always had low back issues and most recently some neck pain. Being a Massage therapist I know the value of going to chiropractors because I can release the muscle but if the spine is out it will re-spasm the muscle or vice versa, if the muscle keeps spasming, it can pull on the vertebra.  But even knowing this I was not a fan of chiropractors for myself. A couple times I had went in the past the adjustments were painful and I never went back. So I gave Dr Bell a try, and I have been going to him since.  He does a more alternative form of chiropractic that is subtler. I noticed when I was out west it was very popular out there.  Not only has it helped my physical body but also I noticed I have more energy. I feel really good after I leave there.  I do not have the low back pain I once had. Also it made my heel and foot pain I was having for a long time go away. I didn't mention it to him because I didn't think chiropractic would help that. I also like that he takes a lot of time with you. He doesn’t rush you in and out. I had my partner start going and he has really helped him a lot too. He has really improved the quality of our lives.  I am very thankful to have found Dr. Bell."

~ J.B., Massage Therapist

Success Stories: Testimonials

"Dr. Bell has a unique approach in tapping into blocked energy channels in the spine and getting you in touch with your spine in releasing tension on deep levels. He is extremely intuitive and sensitive in his approach allowing optimal healing. This work is the missing link... I highly recommend it!"

~ M.D, Yoga Therapist

When I first started seeing Dr. Lawrence, my right arm constantly tingled and went numb. After only two months, that went away.  I’ve seen a remarkable difference.  Before this, I had tried physical therapy and worked out with a trainer at a club to help strengthen muscles and yet the tingling had remained.  I couldn’t sleep on either side of my body because both sides were uncomfortable.  One day on the table I had this overwhelming sensation and voice in my head that said, ‘We are meant to heal ourselves.’ It was really powerful.  It made all the sense in the world and I’ve noticed it’s true. I’ve started standing straighter. My shoulders used to rotate inward but now with they’re rotating backward on their own.  The results I went in for I’ve already seen, but along with that has come all this other stuff I didn’t expect.  I went in to get fixed and instead I feel like I’m evolving. It’s been a really powerful experience for me.  On the emotional level, a general sense of wellbeing is evolving on a regular basis.  I feel calmer and more centered after getting entrained. I feel stronger – not just physically, but internally... and I feel like there’s so much further to go.  I’m super excited and I don’t see an end to it. It feels like a journey that has no end, but in a good way.   Some people may feel nervous about trying Network Spinal because it's a new-to-them modality. However, based on my experience, it is completely safe and natural.  Network Spinal unlocks energy that already exists in the body.  I feel like this is an empowering form of healing.

~Sharon M.

If you just want a traditional chiropractor, Dr. Bell can help with what's ailing you. Just be prepared: the fix might also transform your life. In my experience, NSA 'fixes' your back by essentially helping you remove nervousness from your nervous system, which is headquartered in your spine. The reduced nervousness allows the spine to readjust itself to a new position. And a spine in a new position means a new you, who then reacts to life differently. So NSA essentially guides you to becoming who you really are.  NSA stopped my horrific back problems I had for so many years. This work can transform what caused the back problems in the first place. Don't miss this opportunity. Go.

~ Marshal Z.

Dr. Bell is a very kind and intuitive practitioner. Working with him has drastically helped both my migraines and low back pain. The bonus, however, is the increased amount of energy and vitality I experience on a regular basis, as well as an overall sense of well being. I find that I'm better able to handle everyday stress, with some of the tools and awareness that I've gained from working with Dr. Bell. Network chiropractic work has definitely enhanced my life.

~ Jill R.

Success Stories: Testimonials

I went in to see Dr. Bell because I was having severe lower back muscle spasms. Initially our goal was to move this energy through so as to promote relief and healing in that area through breath work and very gentle touch. I was feeling great within a couple of sessions but I continued to go for more treatment for the rest of the month. The work that ensued was nothing short of remarkable. I was able to clear old, stuck emotions that were not in my best interest and I was not even aware was there, until I began my work with Dr. Bell. His willingness to explain to me what was happening from his perspective, coupled with his thorough understanding of energy as it relates to the body, made for an even richer experience. I truly believe that I made the progress I have because of the implicit trust I have in Dr. Bell and his abilities. This work has positively affected my life in many ways including my relationships. Thank you Dr. Bell for your kindness, service and dedication to your craft.

Anita G.

Success Stories: Testimonials
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