• Rebekah Moan

"Network Spinal is Like a Dance"

By: Rebekah Moan

When Sharon M. first started seeing Bingham Farms, MI Network Spinal Analysis (now called (Network Spinal) Chiropractor Dr. Lawrence, her right arm constantly tingled and went numb. After only two months, that doesn’t happen anymore.

“I’ve seen a remarkable difference,” she said. And it’s not as if she didn’t try other modalities first – she went to physical therapy and worked out with a trainer at a club. The physical therapist and the trainer mentioned that some of her muscles needed strengthening to keep them from rotating inward. Doing so would stop the tingling, they said. However, Sharon worked out regularly, strengthened her muscles, and yet the tingling remained. She couldn’t sleep on either side of her body because both sides were uncomfortable.

Her sister and niece-in-law are fans of Network Spinal and recommended Sharon see someone where she lives. Sharon was hooked almost immediately. At her first visit with Dr. Lawrence at Attune Up Center for Wellbeing, he told her he wasn’t going to fix her and rather they would work on her spine so she could fix herself. It’s not the approach many health professionals take but it rang true for Sharon and is something she’s come to believe for herself. “One day on the table I had this overwhelming sensation and voice in my head that said, ‘We are meant to heal ourselves.’ It was really powerful,” she said. “It made all the sense in the world and I’ve noticed it’s true. I’ve started standing straighter. My shoulders used to rotate inward but now with Network Spinal, they’re rotating backward on their own.”

Because Sharon’s body is now holding itself differently, that’s translating into the results she hoped for when she started seeing Dr. Lawrence, namely for the tingling in her arm to stop. “The results I went in for I’ve already seen, but along with that has come all this other stuff I didn’t expect,” she said. “I went in to get fixed and instead I feel like I’m evolving. It’s been a really powerful experience for me.” Part of the evolution she’s witnessing is in the emotional sphere of her life. Sharon says she feels a general sense of wellbeing on a regular basis. In addition, she said she’s calmer and more centered after getting entrained. Not to mention she feels stronger – not physically, but internally. She keeps seeing Dr. Lawrence because “I feel like there’s so much further to go. I’m super excited and I don’t see an end to it. It feels like a journey that has no end, but in a good way.”

Sharon acknowledges some people may feel nervous about trying Network Spinal because it's a new-to-them modality. However, it's completely safe and natural. Network Spinal unlocks energy that already exists in the body and it's like an empowering dance with Dr. Lawrence acting as the instructor showing the steps (metaphorically speaking). “He’s the one showing me how to do the work, but I’m still the one doing it,” she said. “I feel like this is a more empowering form of healing.”

Lastly, Sharon thinks many people would benefit from Network Spinal, especially if they

care about thriving. “I don’t care how old you are, what physical condition you’re in, I believe Network Spinal offers benefits for almost everyone.”

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