• Rebekah Moan

'Miracles are Becoming Ordinary’

If you’re anything like Marshall, you might be wondering if Network Spinal Analysis (now

called Network Spinal) Chiropractic care can work for you if a voice inside your head says it won’t. There are no guarantees, but for Marshall at least, the answer was “yes.”

Back in 2002 after attending a demo with his girlfriend where her back started gently waving like stalks of wheat blowing in the wind, Marshall went to the free diagnostic the doctor offered. “The doctor just touched my spine in a few different spots,” Marshall said. “I was laying down for maybe five minutes. But when I got off the table and walked out into the street, I remember thinking, ‘I didn’t know blue was this blue. I didn’t know red was this red.’ The world had been colorized for me, like a beautifully shot movie. I was just astounded.” That initial experience hooked Marshall and he’s been seeing a Network Spinal Chiropractor ever since.

Once Marshall started regular care, he became more aware of what he wanted out of life,

which included a new career and a different relationship. He quit his job with nothing else lined up, started his own company, and began making more than eight times what he had before. He also noticed more profound changes that brought about deep healing emotionally and psychologically. He recalled a trauma that he used to repress, because prior to receiving Network Spinal care he didn’t have the resources to deal with it. The internal resourcefulness and resilience are what allowed him to process that trauma.

In 2012, he started working with Dr. Lawrence Bell at Attune Up in Bingham Farms, MI.

“With Dr. Lawrence, I feel more energized, more whole, more joyous, more like the kid I had always been and still am,” he said. “I feel like I am growing younger. Session by session, the little-boy me who never left comes back to me in feelings I haven’t felt in years – sometimes a half-century.

Network Spinal gently cues the spine, the headquarters of the nervous system, to “shake off” nervousness. Not only does Network Spinal help on an emotional level, but a physical one. Months ago Marshall contracted COVID-19 and he said Dr. Lawrence helped his recovery immensely. “The difference it’s made in my ability to ‘heal from’ the virus has been nothing short of miraculous,” he said. “But I have had so many miracles on Dr. Lawrence’s table that miracles are starting to become ordinary.

Whether you want to go for structural, emotional, or psychological reasons, I believe any person who goes regularly for at least a month will be transformed in profound and lasting ways.”

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