• Rebekah Moan

"I'm More Myself"

Lawrence K. didn’t know Network Spinal (NS) was what he was looking for until he found it. He knew he wanted a change in his life, he knew something was “off,” but he wasn’t sure what to do about it. Then he stumbled upon YouTube videos by Donny Epstein, the inventor of NS, and felt drawn to the healing modality. “My gut feeling was ‘This is a good thing to do,’ but I waited on it, trying to find the right practitioner,” he said. “I called Dr. Bell and we had a good rapport so I booked a session with him.”

It’s only been a couple of months that Lawrence first walked into the doors of the Network Spinal practice, but already he’s noticed some changes – his body is moving better, his hips are looser, and so is his neck. “I’m not the most flexible human being on the planet, but I notice more flexibility,” he added.

However, the biggest changes for Lawrence have been internal, which is why he started seeing Dr. Bell in the first place. When Lawrence looks back at what’s changed since he started care, he says, “I notice I can perceive things better. I’m more vibrant, more myself. I also notice I’m more focused and more connected within.”

That internal connection has led to an inner confidence so Lawrence feels more comfortable being social in ways that he wasn’t before. “I’m more willing to talk to people at the grocery store and be myself,” he said. “Being himself” also means setting and maintaining boundaries. “I tended to be more passive but now I stand up for myself if I think someone is crossing my boundaries, and I’m better at it,” he said.

In general, NS care is allowing him to take the next step in his personal development journey and be more fully himself, Lawrence added. He continues care because he enjoys the sessions and they offer a respite from his busy life. “It allows me time to think when I’m on the table. It’s meditative,” he said. The bottom line is that Lawrence keeps going because he sees results. However, an important caveat is the results didn’t happen right away and Lawrence recommends future practice members have patience. “NS is not an overnight fix,” he added. “Lots of people want an overnight result, but that’s not usually how things work. Change happens all in good time.”

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