Stress & Network Spinal Analysis                  

w/Lawrence Bell D.C.

The first half of this 2-hour talk will illuminate the nature of stress, its long-term effects on the body, and why most people have a hard time recovering from or personally recognizing its insidious nature.  The relationships between the spine, function, emotions, and behavior will be discussed as will the role of energy, breath, movement and higher awareness as keys to cracking the code on the effects of stress.

In the second half, participants will learn about a very gentle technique (Network Spinal Analysis) designed to help the brain better connect with the body and its stress patterns.  The concepts of reorganizational healing and “emerging properties” within the nervous system will be discussed as will the effects of two unique healing waves (Respiratory Wave & Somato Psychic Wave) that come with NSA care.  An NSA research study will be presented highlighting the positive benefits of NSA and its stress busting effects. 

Tuesday, February 6th 

6:30pm-8:30 pm      FREE


                     Downtown Wellness Union
                    210 W. University (2nd Floor) 
                          Rochester, MI 48307


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